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·  Constitution of Cultural & Civil Society of Khorasani Kurds (CSKK)

·  Constitution of Cultural & Civil Society of Khorasani Kurds (CSKK)

: Cultural & civil Society of Khorasani Kurds (CSKK).                                            
 2- Place of central office: London, UK. 
 3- CSKK as a none-profitable organisation established in London based on regulations of scientific, cultural, civil, union and charitable associations in the UK.
4- The general objectives of CSKK: 
4.1- CSKK seeks to protect, promote and develop language, arts, literature and cultural heritage of Khorasani Kurds.
4.2- Research to know more Khorasani Kurdish Writers, Scientists, Artists, Intellectuals, and encouraging Khorasani Kurdish young generation, for participation in promoting of dialogue, arts & talents exposing, civilized understanding and friendship in national and international arenas, and also increasing social welfare, cultural prosperity and respecting gender equality in a Khorasani Kurdish free, democratic civil society.
4.3- CSKK would try to have cooperation and coordination with Khorasani Kurdish intellectuals and authors to publish their works such as Literacy, Scientific, Researches, Arts and etc.
4.4- CSKK seeks to prevent any damage to Khorasani Kurdish identity, dignity, interests, affairs and their safety by informing them of necessary information via international mass media, specially the website and a seasonal magazine of CSKK. Try to establish a Kurdish library and museum in the region. 
4.5- CSKK would present suitable information and services to Iranian and Kurdish immigrants in the UK.
4.6- Creating of suitable grounds for education and development of Khorasani Kurdish culture and language, initiating and preserving desirable relations, harmonious and peaceful co-existence with other Iranian nationalities and Kurdish nation in other places. 4.7- Recognising and organizing of Khorasani Kurdish immigrants in diaspora at CSKK in London and its branches in other Countries in the world.
5- CSKK's organisational structure:
5.1- The board of directors as the base of CSKK, is made from five democratically elected individuals.
5.2- One member of the directorate is chosen as chairperson of the CSKK, one member as Secretary, one member in charge of financial affairs, and other two members would be in charge of relations & publication affairs, clerical and computer affairs.
5.3- All documents, financial and official commitments of CSKK, would have legal credibility with a signature of the chairperson of the CSKK.
6- Financial sources: financial sources rather than membership payments, directorate could get assistance and grants from charitable organisations, governmental funds, and friends such as Iranians, Kurds and others to run the CSKK.
7- The board of directors would use all its mights and forces to implement the aims and exact fulfilment of the CSKK constitution.
8- Head of CSKK rather than aids from directorate members is authorised to get connection with right and legal bodies for financial, intellectual and humanitarian assistance in performing of CSKK affairs to achieve the objectives of CSKK.
9- Establishing a centre in London for implementation of all official and clerical affairs, website and meetings of CSKK directorate and members.
10- The board of directors would try to make the first congress of CSKK at a suitable time.
11- All Iranians and Kurds from different parts of Kurdistan can also be a member of CSKK, if they accept the aims and contents of its constitution, and also if they are not a member of any other institutions. Meanwhile, all members of the directorate of CSKK should be always from Khorasani Kurds.
12- The Website and Seasonal magazine of CSKK is open to all friends, liberals, human rights supporters, democrats and just individuals. Meanwhile, all published articles on the website and in the Seasonal magazine would reveal the authors views, and CSKK directorate has no responsibility in this regard.
                      Notice: CSKK created on April 2006 at Hilton Hotel in London.

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