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Saturday, March 03
· Kurdish majority city of bojnurd

EU calls on Iran to stop execution of journalists
on Saturday, August 04 @ 16:02:47 UTC

The European Union called on Iran on Friday to stay the execution of two Kurdish journalists accused of having ties to armed groups.

The EU is especially concerned about the death sentences on the two Kurdish journalists, Adnan Hassanpour and Abdolwahed Boutimar, said a declaration by the EU’s Portuguese Presidency.

The EU calls on the Islamic Republic of Iran to halt the executions of Adnan Hassanpour and of Abdolwahed Boutimar and to ensure that the two accused be given a fair trial. Both men were handed down death sentences on 16 July by a court in Iran’s north-western province of Kurdistan.

The 27-nation block also expressed deep concern about the “series of collective public executions” that have been taking place in several regions of Iran during the last month, as well as with the “growing number of death sentences both at first level courts and at the Supreme Court”.

The EU is also particularly troubled by the growing repression against all groups which exercise their right to freely express their opinions, in particular in Kurdish and Arab minority regions, the statement said. The EU, while condemning the increasing recourse to the death penalty in the Islamic Republic of Iran, reiterates its longstanding opposition to the death penalty in all circumstances. Iran Focus.

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