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The Kurds in Khorasan, North-east of Iran
Dr. Afrasiab Shekofteh

The Khorasani Kurdish region is found within the current north-eastern borders of Iran and the southern borders of Turkmenistan, in the northern sector of what has historically been known as the Province of Khorasan.


Who gave the Kurdish city of Firoozeh to Niazov?
Bahman Aghai Diba,PhD International Law.

Firoozeh is name of a city that is situated at the moment in the south of the Republic of Turkmenistan. Firoozeh was a Kurdish inhabited city in North of Khorasan Province, Iran that occupied by Russia, 1895. Firoozeh still is a Kurdish inhabited city, jalali tribe.


Turkish incursion in Iraq and the emergence of a Kurdish State
Dr Reza Hoseinborr

Having power does not make one right.  Not having power does not make one wrong.  Those who are in power now think that they are right in whatever they do and those who do not have the power are wrong in whatever they do.


Federalism and the integrity of Iran
Dr Afrasiab Shekofteh

Historically, federalism unified various regions, provinces, and ethnicities. Federalism unified a nation like Germany, which is a federal state even though it is one nation that has one culture.


Iranian nationalities and the real nationalization of Oil in a Federal Iran
Dr Afrasiab Shekofteh

Iran would never get democracy, freedom, independence, stability, peace and security unless political power and natural resources incomes become distributed among all ethnics, nationalities and religious groups based on their gravity in the society. National sovereignty and political ruling officialdom should include all via a peaceful process with respecting others believes and views based on UN human rights framework.


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